Abortion in the United States has become the most discussed news. The state Supreme Court made a historic decision that once again split society into two fiercely arguing sides, pro choice and pro life. It affected the majority of American women who wanted to make their own choices. After all, pregnancy is not always unwanted, and replenishing orphanages with unnecessary children is also not a way out of the situation. There is no total ban yet, but persecution has already begun in a number of regions.

Abortion ban in the USA

Disputes around traditional values ​​have been going on for a long time. In the 19th century, American women turned to healers and midwives. The outcome could have been very sad. Some pregnant women died without receiving qualified care. 

On the other hand, there were no problems with fertility back then. Abortion bans in the United States were largely influenced by racist attitudes. By the beginning of the 20th century, artificial termination of pregnancy was prohibited throughout the country. At the same time, we must not forget about the mass forced sterilization of indigenous women.  

American women gained the right to terminate a pregnancy after the Supreme Court’s positive verdict in the Roe case. But politicians did not stop arguing over this issue. 

The attitude of Americans towards the ban on abortion

Ordinary people are often already afraid to express their point of view. After all, any opinion is immediately aggressively criticized by the opposite side. Although anonymous public opinion polls show that about 80% of Americans support women and criticize the court’s decision. Activists have already started mass protests. They took to the streets and launched flash mobs, defending their right to abortion in the United States. In Alabama, after the law was passed, American women could be seen on the street wearing costumes from The Handmaid’s Tale.

Who supported women’s right to terminate pregnancy?

Women’s right to control their own bodies is mostly supported by Democrats. Pramila Jayapal admitted that she herself had an abortion and called for the legality of this procedure to be returned. Lois Frankel writes about the need to fight for women’s health. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clarified that 6 weeks (the maximum period for a legal abortion) is the period when a woman first finds out about her situation. He leaves no opportunity to make a decision in a legal way. Hillary Clinton openly spoke out on Twitter against the actions of the Alabama senators. 

States where abortion is legal in the USA

A delay or reversal of this controversial Supreme Court decision is possible in Alabama, Georgia, Arizona, West Virginia, Florida, South Carolina and Ohio. Everything now depends on local authorities and community activity. It is likely that the current situation has a certain political background. When examining the question of which US states ban abortion, it is noticeable that this decision was influenced by local traditions and foundations. 

Abortion in the USA in 2023

In the US, abortion has been banned in Louisiana, Missouri, Kentucky, South Dakota and Oklahoma. Moreover, even incest is no longer considered a valid reason. Such services are also prohibited for those women whose pregnancy occurred after violent acts. Any psychological trauma and physical ability to bear a child are no longer taken into account. 

The decision will come into force in other states in the near future. A list of US states that will still ban abortion: Idaho, Wyoming, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, Utah and Tennessee. However, doctors have already stopped performing this procedure, because they face real prison terms.

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Roe v. Wade 

It should be remembered that America is a federal country. Each state has the right to its own laws. In 1971, only six regions allowed abortion. In 1969, a Texas woman tried to get rid of her child. The fact of rape was not confirmed, and she was prohibited from having an abortion. She later admitted that she lied in order to get medical help in a legal way. 

At the same time, lawyers Linda Coffey and Sarah Weddington were looking for a case that would legalize abortion. As a result, McCorvey turns to them for help. She is given the pseudonym Jane Roe. The lawsuit was filed in the name of Texas Attorney Henry Wade. The case eventually became known as Roe v. Wade.

How the Roe case was overturned

The Constitution says nothing about abortion. States have repeatedly raised the issue of restrictions on the provision of such services. But such laws have been found time and again to be contrary to the Constitution, which still guarantees the right to freedom of choice. 

Never before in American history has the Supreme Court overturned old decisions to limit the rights of its citizens. Such a radical revision of the case was most likely the result of a change in the composition of the Supreme Court. Five judges voted for the repeal, three were against it. John Roberts verbally dissented but ultimately sided with the majority.

Encouraging denunciations, persecution of women and doctors

Considering which abortions have been banned in the United States, it turns out that a woman will not be given the right to choose at all. Now neither rape nor incest will be a valid reason for seeking qualified medical help. 

Conservative states were prepared for such a turn of events. For example, the governor of Oklahoma almost immediately signed an act according to which the fetus is endowed with inviolability rights from the moment of conception. 

American women were under surveillance. Conservative regions were called upon to track and report on unreliable citizens. Now doctors are required to record all the data of their pregnant patients who decide to have an abortion. 

Other difficulties

The consequences will affect low-income sections of society. Wealthier American women can travel to another state where abortion is still allowed. The service will become more expensive, because there are fewer and fewer clinics, and the queue is unlikely to decrease. 

What is most troubling is the idea of ​​equating an embryo with a person. Thus, you can come to the point that even conventional means of contraception will be banned. Any woman whose pregnancy is terminated by a miscarriage risks being suspected of murder. And it doesn’t matter for what exact reasons this happened: drug use, home birth, an accidental fall, or the consequences of a shot during a scandal. 

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