Did you know that African students can get various scholarships in Zimbabwe? Apart from African students, there are internationals qualified to receive this scholarship to further their education. These grants make it easier for students to access study abroad at any level of education such as undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs.

Currently, the number of Zimbabwean students seeking scholarships to finance their education is increasing. The best way to see multiple scholarships in Zimbabwe is by checking online because some of them are sponsored by a government, school, or organization.

Scholarships in Zimbabwe

These are the following scholarships in Zimbabwe:

1. Capernaum Trust Scholarships:

Harare High School is in partnership with one of Africa’s telecommunication giants Econet Wireless. It is intended primarily for students with exceptional results, but who do not have the financial means to support their education. The school has existed since 1958 and since then they have been offering many scholarship programs to Zimbabwean students.

The school has a relaxed environment that allows students to function well in their studies. Each beneficiary will have a reduction in their tuition fee, and the method of application is online (internet). Applicants must have the necessary qualifications to qualify for the scholarship scheme which is strictly for Zimbabwean students.

For students to be eligible for this Capernaum Trust scholarship, they must be students at Harare High School. Supporting documents for the scholarship are academic references from their previous school, a copy of a national identity card, outstanding academic achievements, and a high level of English language proficiency, written and spoken.

2. BEAM Scholarships:

This is another scholarship offered by Harare High School, Zimbabwe to support talented students throughout their education financially. Indigenous students yearning for a secondary education program can apply for BEAM Scholarships in Zimbabwe. The school offers quality education and helps students excel academically.

The scholarship can be applied for online and applicants must have the right criteria to get the scholarship. Therefore, students with low academic qualifications will not be granted access to this scholarship. Underprivileged students can avail of BEAM Scholarships for free tuition fees. Every student applying for a scholarship must have their documents.

3. Google Developer Scholarship in Africa:

This is one of the recognized scholarships in Zimbabwe and Google Developer Africa helps Zimbabwean students to become resourceful individuals in society. Every talented student has the opportunity to become a professional developer, software developer, information technology administrator, creative specialist, and much more.

It is an online education platform founded in 2004 to provide students with videos to inculcate the right technology skills in them. These skills open up opportunities for them to earn high incomes. The program helps students create progress in their lives through technology literacy.

4. Canaan Group International Awards:

The key role of the Canaan Group International Awards is to encourage Zimbabwean students in their academic pursuits. If you want to enroll in an undergraduate degree program in Zimbabwe, you can apply for this scholarship. The program’s main objective is to offer African students exposure, creativity, and innovation.

This is one of the scholarships in Zimbabwe that transform the lives of students. The award is between 25% to 75% and the scholarship access mode is online. The different faculties for the scholarship are the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and the Faculty of Engineering.

5. Zimbabwe Research Council Human Capital Development Scholarships:

This is a scholarship for Master’s degree students who want to have more knowledge in their respective fields. Therefore, if you want to conduct further research on COVID-19, the scholarship offers this privilege. It was established in 1986 by the Research Council of Zimbabwe. It aims to direct, supervise, and promote useful research.

It also offers a platform for students to discuss and interact on various topics such as academia, government, industries, etc.It is primarily for Zimbabwean nationals to pursue their master’s degree program. Various courses such as Health Sciences, Masters in Engineering, and Natural and Applied Sciences are accepted for the scholarship.

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